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Other Landscapes

Photographs stimulate the imagination. They offer apparently impossible worlds which are then the germ and sustenance for new spaces. These words may pale alongside the overwhelming reality of the images, but they will serve to complement their meaning and impose order where the photographer’s discourse becomes introspective and intimate. These still pictures truly are the artist’s experiences, literary and pictorial reference points which recreate scenes from a body of work which is constantly changing. As a faithful and voracious reader of underworld literature, Guillermo Asián has immortalized characters and landscapes who live in the black and white of the cobbled Paris streets of Julio Cortázar, and in Charles Bukowski’s tough neighbourhoods, just as if they were the reflections in a mirror. Thus, with these references and in these images, the photographer becomes able to offer to us an autobiographical insight, leading us to the eternal issue of which came first: the characters or their creators. /

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