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This website is governed by Spanish law and is protected by national and international legislation concerning intellectual and industrial property.  All of the website content, especially the designs, texts, audio files, graphics, logos, databases, brands, trademarks, and any other material which may be of commercial and industrial use are subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Administrator and other rights-holders. Mention of them does not entail any support, sponsorship, recommendation, rights or responsibilities on the part of the website. Under no circumstances is any licence to be understood to be provided, nor are any rights waived or transferred, in total or in part, nor can there be any reasonable expectation of the future provision of such rights, especially with regard to the modification, use, reproduction, distribution or public broadcast of the above-mentioned content, without the express prior consent of the Administrator or the relevant rights-holders. Any breaches of these rights may lead to civil or criminal proceedings being instigated.  The website respects the intellectual, industrial and image rights of third parties; any user of the website who considers that their legitimate rights are being infringed should contact the Administrator by sending an email to:
The Administrator accepts no responsibility for any consequences which may arise from users of this website interacting on the blog or the various social networks they may access (Facebook, etc.). Users will be responsible at all times for the maintenance of their own privacy, as well for any information, content or material that they decide to provide and share in such locations. The Administrator accepts no responsibility for any consequences which may derive from advertising present in such locations nor their use by third parties.

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